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Department of Medical and Health Services is primarily concerned about alround health care of the people and public health services of the territory. While prevention is our motto necessary steps are taken to control various communicable and non-communicable diseases. As a result of concerted efforts and dedicated team work now all the communicable diseases are under control and action is on to eliminate some of them. The overall achievement of the health care activities can be noted from the vital health events. (health indicators).

The following centrally sponsored programme are also implemented by this department. These schemes are
1. National Malaria Eradication Programme(NMEP).
2. National Filaria Control Programme(NFCP).
3. National Leprosy Elimination Programme(NLEP).
4. National Blindness Control Programme(NBCP).
5. National Tuberculosis Control Programme(NTBCP).
6. National Family Welfare Programme(NFWP).
7. National Iodine Deficiency Control Programme(NIDCP).
8. Reproductive and Child Health Programme(RCH).
9. National Aids Control Programme(NACP).

Apart from regular outpatient care ward facility is also provided in all PHC's(10 bed each), CHC's(30 bed each), Govt Hospital, Minicoy(20 beds) and I.G.Hospital, Kavaratti(50 beds) respectively. While X-ray and Laboratory facilities are available in all the islands, Ayurveda dispensary is functioning in Kavaratti and Androth. There is a Homeopathy dispensary in Amini Island and there is a well equipped dentel care and optalmology departments in I.G. hospital. Patients requiring specialist consultation and surgery are evacuated either to Kavaratti referral hospital or to mainland by the ambulace helicopter. ISRO has provided telemedicine facility at I.G. hospital Kavaratti. In view of the non-availability of Specialists to fill the vacant posts periodic rural medical camps are also organised by the department in various islands. Over the years department has also undertaken steps to ensure 100% registration of births and deaths in the territory.

In the promotive side we are conducting various awareness programmes such as Family health awarness campaign and school aids education under aids control programme. Health survey of school children, field visit for assessing Anemia, Maternal and Child Health Problems, Catract Survey and registration of eligible couples under Family Welfare Programme. Under Materbal and Child health regular weekly antenatal clinic is conducted in all islands. As a result of 100% coverage of Universal Immunisation Profile(UIP) vaccine preventable diseases like Polio are not reported from any where in the islands since last 6 years.

The service of Medical Officers and Para Medicals are available for the public during not only duty hours in the Hospital's/CHC's/PHC's but also during emergencies around the clock.
In all health institutions the senior most Medical Officer is the incharge and can be approached for grievances. At Kavaratti Medical Superintendent is the in charge of I.G. Hopital. Director of Medical and Health Services is the overall in charge of the medical institutions and the directorate is based at Kavaratti. The telephone and fax numbers of these officers are given separately. (whom to contact for addressing your health problems)

To enable early diagnosis and timely treatements we expect from our patients that they should seek treatment at the early onset of any deseases. We also expect that they should take regular treatment and complete the course of treatement for chronic diseases like TB, Leprosy etc. any side effects noticed should be reported to the Medical Officer immediately. Patients should not hide any thing from the Doctor for treatment. In addition to the preventive measures all citizens should maintain  good health by regular exercise and personal hygiene. We are taking 100% care so as to make no omission / commission as per Indian Medical Coucil Act and Medical Code of Ethics.                ( ).

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