Developmental Activities
  1. To overcome the shortage of Specialist Doctors we have established Telemedicine facility at Indira Gandhi Hospital Kavaratti by the help of ISRO. By this method doctors are able to consult with Specialist and Super Specialists of Amritha Institute of Medical Science Kochin. Complicated cases like cardiovascular problems, cerebrovascular accidents, renal problems and management of cancer patients etc. This facility is going to be extended to 4 major islands like Androth, Amini, Minicoy and Agatti during 2003. In due course this will be extended to all other islands also.
  2. Establishment of blood bank and paywards attached to referral hospital kavaratti. The same will be inaugurated very shortly.
  3. There will be permanent setting up of medical care facilities in Bangaram, the international tourist centre of Lakshadweep, by establishing a First Aid Centre. Work already started the similar facility will be extended to other uninhabited islands where fisherman frequently stay during the fair season.
  4. The " Prestigious CHC building at Agatti " architectured by the central govt. is almost completed.
  5. As we are not having qualified local Specialist Doctors this issue was taken up in the IDA meeting held at Port Blair during January 2003 chaired by the Prime Minister of India. In the above meeting a decision was taken to depute Specialists Doctors working in the CHS cadre for short period of 3 - 6 months.
  6. The registration of births and deaths has to be computerised and this has already been initiated.
  7. Under the MPLAD scheme action initiated for providing transit accommodation for the escorts of the patients admitted in the Referral Hospital, as well as major CHCs.
  8. Action is initiated for posting Lady Doctors / Gynaecologists in all the islands.
  9. To overcome shortage of Specialist action initiated to sponsor locally qualified Doctors for higher studies.
  10. Frequent medical camps are conducted by bringing Specialist Doctors from mainland.
  11. Lakshadweep has achieved 100% coverage in Immunisation for all six vaccine preventable diseases, and as a result no single case of Polio reported in the last 6 years.
  12. Waterborne diseases are a major cause of concern for the locals as well as tourists. To overcome this Administration is taking up desalination project for producing adequate drinking water.
  13. The incidence of non-communicable diseases like Hypertension, diabetics, IHD, CVA, Kidney problems, cancer etc are increasing. To study the cause and control of above diseases a research is already envisaged and will be undertaken very soon.
  14. Initiated action to introduce Health Card and Health insurance scheme for the total population of Lakshadweep.
  15. Local traditional methods of treatment acceptable to the tribal population are being explored and a Medicinal Plants Board is established for documentation and research in the area.

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