Frequently Asked Questions

1. When was the first modern dispensary established in Lakshadweep and where ?
     The first dispensary was started in the year 1874 at Amini island.

2. What are the common diseases found in Lakshadweep ?
     All the tropical diseases like Asthma, isnophilia, bronchitis etc. are prevalent in addition to      waterborne diseases such as Amocbiasis, infective hepatitis, worm infections among children      etc.

3. Who was the first Medical Graduate of Lakshadweep?
     Dr. S.V. Shaik Koya Thangal of Androth Island.

4. Who was the first Lady Medical Officer?
     Padmashree Dr. S.Rahmath Beegum of Agatti Island.

5. Who is the first recipient of Padma awards from Lakshadweep?
     Dr. S. Rahmath Beegum.

6. Which is the Referral Hospital of Lakshadweep?
     Indira Gandhi Hospital, Kavaratti.

7. What are the rates of vital events as compared to national ?

Sl.No. Events Lakshadweep National
1. Birth Rate (BR)  18.05  24.8
2. Death Rate (DR)  3.87  8.9
3. Infant Mortality Rate (IMR)  28.88  66
4. Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR)  0.184  4

8. If a Govt. Servant is sick and is referred to mainland, where should he go for treatment?
    Nearest Govt. Hospital/ Private Hospital recognised by Govt. such as Cochin Hospital,     Lakshmi Hospital and in some special cases to Medical Trust and Amritha Hospital at Kochi.

9. Recently we do not find many cases of Filariasis and Elephantiasis, why?
    Because we had a programme to add DEC in common salt used for consumption.

10. Do you have many malaria cases?
    No. Only few imported cases are reported so far.

11. Have you got any facility for management of medical emergency requiring specialist consultation?
    There is one ambulance helicopter which takes the serious patients from different islands and     evacuate the patient to mainland and also to head quarter island Kavaratt.

12. Have you got any programme to control iodine deficiency?
    We are in the midst of sea and consuming lot of fish which contains iodine. But even then to      ensure 100% coverage of people only iodised salt is sold in shops.

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