Whom to contact in different islands for your health problems
Name of the island
Office Phone No.
Residence Phone No.
Kavaratti Director, Medical and Health Services 91-04896-2623161(O) 91-04896-262317(R)
Medical Superintendent,IGH 91-04896-262117(O) 91-04896-262113(R)
Androth Medical Officer i/c 91-04893-232213(O) 91-04893-232750(R)
Minicoy Medical Officer i/c 91-04892-222427(O) 91-04892-222338(R)
Kadmath Medical Officer i/c 91-04897-274228(O) 91-04897-274225(R)
Amini Medical Officer i/c 91-04891-273434(O) 91-04891-273311(R)
Kalpeni Medical Officer i/c 91-04895-252264(O) 91-04895-252254(R)
Kiltan Medical Officer i/c 91-04898-272223(O) 91-04898-272224(R)
Agatti Medical Officer i/c 91-04894-242858(O) 91-04894-242419(R)
Chetlath Medical Officer i/c 91-04899-276221(O) 91-04899-276222(R)
Bitra Pharmacist, FAC 91-04890-275225(O) 91-04890-275225(R)


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